While all mothers enjoy their memorable and unforgettable moment of delivery in their lives. There is something called as “Effect of post delivery” which many of them are not aware of. It is also commonly known as postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety, which is usual.

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Causes of postpartum depression are:

1. Hormonal changes may affect women predisposed to the development of mood disorders.

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2. Dealing with a newborn may cause high levels of stress. It can be overwhelming with all the changes taking place.

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3. Lack of sleep really changes the way your mind and body functions which could lead to depression.

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4. Being a mother at a young age can be scary. You might be excited about it but it may also make you anxious.

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5. Low self-esteem

Believing in yourself, knowing you can be a good mother is the first step to avoiding depression.

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6. Unplanned cesarean birth

A cesarean may not be something you wanted but think of the outcome of it, your beautiful baby.

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7. Marital conflict

Getting in arguments with your husband is perfectly normal. It’ll just take you time to cope and get back to normal!

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8. Single status

You may be single but, you can always manage alone.

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Other causes may be, lack of social support, infant temperament, unplanned pregnancy, pre-term labor and delivery, perinatal complications, and fatigue also may signal vulnerability.

Even women who exhibit no signs of depression, anxiety, or maladjustment at the time of the postpartum follow-up visit, need to be educated about the ongoing risk of mood disorders beyond the initial month or two following childbirth. Hormonal shifts that can trigger mood swings or depression may occur at any time during the first year postpartum. While on the other side , a mild depression is common to many new mothers, and usually occurs immediately after birth. It can last for only a few hours or as long as one to two weeks after delivery. Medical attention is not necessary.

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