With a baby everything is different. Your life has obviously changed it doesn’t mean you have to give up on travelling. You just need to understand that it won’t be the same as before. Nothing is the same after a baby!

Pack everything necessary. Don’t depend on buying anything! Be prepared for anything that may come by you.

Image of a cute baby in  a briefcase

1. Carry loads of diapers

If your baby is less than a month old you will need around 12 diapers a day. Or if your baby is more than a month old and up to a year you will need ten a day. So for a month you’ll need 300 diapers so you may need to carry a truck load!

Image of a diaper

2. New toys

It’s good to keep things interesting when you’re travelling. So if your baby is bored give them a new toy and see how it brightens up their day!

Image of a toy

3. A stroller or a baby carrier

Just like you carry yourself, you need to carry your baby. So get a baby carrier or even better a foldable stroller which you can use anywhere!

Image of a Mom carrying her baby in a stroller.

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4. A crib

Instead of watching your kid crib to sleep in a new bed each time you travel get one of these portable cribs which are convenient and which your baby will begin to love! Also some hotel cribs tend to be very dangerous so take due care!

Image of a cute baby in a crib,

5. Carry birth certificate

While travelling kids below 2 years get half tickets and free entry into many places so you need to be able to prove the age of your baby!

Image of a birth-certificate

6. BYOF (Bring Your Own Formula)

After babies the acronym for parents has become BYOF which simply means bring your own formula! Carry your own formula so that you don’t have to depend on anything and you can be sure to not have any problems.

Image of a baby playing with food.

7. Easily changeable clothes

Clothes that make diaper changing easy is like a boon while travelling. Whether it’s in the airport or at a mall changing diapers is a huge problem and these clothes will really help!

Image of baby with clothes

8. Extra pacifiers

If your baby uses a pacifier be sure to carry plenty extra! Otherwise this could be the state of your holiday!

Image of a pacifier.

Photo credits: Tinystep

9. First Aid kit

This small kit will help you in any medical emergencies you may face while travelling. It’s compact and easy to transport. Be sure to keep it in your baby kit.

Image of a first-aid kit

Along with all this also remember to carry wipes and tissues, baby rash cream, changing mat, bibs, sun hat and sunscreen. You can never be over prepared while travelling with a baby especially if it’s your first time.

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