All is well – is what all of us like to believe in. Yet, there are times when, one needs to visit a doctor. It is here where the hospital which is an institution that provides constant, primary and urgent care to the patients at the hands of professional physicians. These services are meant to restore the patients’ health. With the latest state of art facilities and higher end technical developments, medical innovations have gone a long way. Currently the hospitals have diversified their functions. The ownership of hospitals in the modern society ranges from worldwide organizations, Governments, nongovernmental organization to individuals. Despite this diversity in ownership, the quality of services offered are mainly controlled and monitored by either different world wide organizations or respective governments. Hospitals as important organizations, have become better as compared to 100 years ago. This is because of the outbreak of different new diseases.

Modern hospitals are highly scientific and complexly institutionalized. They have introduced different complex diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The industry has reached a point where it decides what services are to be provided and how cost effective it is. The role of the hospital has been broadened crossing the limits of curative healthcare. Furthermore, the healthcare has crossed the barrier of the hospital walls to the community care. While there are ‘N’ number good hospitals around the city, there are certain age old, renowned hospitals in Bangalore. Let us take a look into it. The below information provided are as per collective individual opinions and statistics. Opinions may vary from person to person:

Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospitals is part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), which pioneers in the field of education and healthcare delivery. The focus at Manipal Hospitals is to develop an affordable tertiary care multi specialty healthcare framework through its entire delivery spectrum and further extend it to home care. The Woman and Child care services at Manipal Hospitals wishes to provide complete care to the needs of women from their puberty and adolescence, through their menopause and beyond like menstruation, contraception, reproductive disorders and hormonal. They are focused on providing the best patient care services, and meeting the needs of women and mothers.

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore



Narayana Hrudayalaya ( Commonly known as NH):

At Narayana, Children have a special place. Narayana is the most preferred destination for parents whose children are ailing with complicated medical issues . This hospital is also noted for unparelled children’s heart healthcare in the country. The institute has also excellent support services and pediatric intensive care facilities for management of acute emergencies in children. With such diversified care and treatment, people from over 76 countries approach this hospital for various treatments.

Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore



St. John`s Hospital:

This hospital offers specialty and super specialty services, including state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities to ensure the delivery of holistic patient care. The hospital is staffed with dedicated and highly competent members of the medical fraternity along with trained personnel who work with sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment. Diagnostic facilities like C.T. Scan, Radio-Therapy and fully-equipped laboratory facilities with Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Histopathology labs and a Blood Bank are now made available in the campus. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. John’s Hospital is the first unit to be established in the state of Karnataka. It is also recognized as a tertiary referral centre for high risk pregnancy and for preterm care.

St. John's Hospital, Bangalore


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Apollo Cradle

Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited (AHLL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL), is one of the largest players in the retail healthcare segment in India. The Company today runs the largest chain of standardized primary healthcare models — multispecialty clinics under the brand “Apollo Clinics” This hospital is committed to providing you with compassionate and expert care so that you enjoy a safe and rewarding experience.

Apollo Cradle, Bangalore



Columbia Asia Hospital

The innovative design of Columbia Asia hospitals, from their manageable size to their advanced technology, is focused on creating the most positive experience for patients. Columbia Asia hospitals are specifically designed for the needs of patients and built for maximum comfort and efficiency. Patients benefit from advanced medical diagnostics, treatment and the personal care that only comes in facilities where the focus is on each patient.

Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore



Sagar Hospitals

The Sagar Group is a forerunner in path-breaking ventures that have been touching the chords of the populace in the city of Bangalore. The Group was founded more than five decades back by Barrister Shri R. Dayananda Sagar and Dr. Chandramma Sagar, and has pioneered state-of-art Education, automobile services, healthcare sector etc. The group ventured into healthcare services in 1960 under the qualified leadership of Dr. Chandramma Sagar. Women epitomize care and are often referred to as an ocean of love. At Sagar Hospitals®, our Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics departments offer an array of medical services to ensure good health and well being of women and children who bring love and cheer in to our lives.

Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore



M S Ramiah Memorial Hospital :

The Healthcare at the hospital is not just the task of curing diseases and treating ailments, also vibe with compassion, warmth, congeniality and care that brim the ambience and the hearts in the premises. It is a haven, where we nurture care, provide comfort and ensure best of cure.

M.S Ramiah Memorial Hospital, Bangalore


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Mallya Hospital

In Mallya Hospital “Individual care to deliver the best results — that is what hospital focusses on at every step”. With the 360-degree care, patients experience the concept of Total Quality Management. The consultants and nursing staff are not only just experts in their specialty, they are also driven by the vision of quality and commitment in giving individual attention for maximum treatment outcome. Mallya hospital is well known for its clinical skills, friendly ambience and motivated staff; patients who admitted here leave with delight and fondle the memorable moments of their stay.

Mallya hospital, Bangalore

Hence folks! To make ourselves fit and healthy and also our children, choosing the right care center is important. As the famous saying goes ‘’health is wealth’’.

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