IPhone, iPad, tablet, kindle, Xbox is attracting gadgets which constantly ring in a child’s ear these days. A kid holding the latest technology has been no news of late. At times, it’s the kids who teach us how to operate one of these gadgets. Gone were the days where we were unaware of cell phones or any gadgets till we arrived at our high school. With current trends, parents themselves surrender by handing over the gadgets as a way to pacify their children and as an entertaining and educational tool. But later on, it becomes an alarming sight. (Swarna Rao)

Image of video-game

I would like to narrate a short story here:

I was once in a shopping mall, looking for the things I needed to buy.

Casually shopping

I then realized a tiny chap constantly crying and on the other hand, his mother was busy selecting stuff for herself. Unable to stop my anxiety, I asked her ‘ Do you realize your daughter is crying?’ For this, the mom replied to me saying that he should feel proud of her.

The tantrum of the child

Later she explained to me that her daughter was crying because she was not giving her a smart phone and will not stop crying till she gets one.

To prevent this from happening

But to my wonder I could see the child gradually settling down. She also stated that she preferred the way she grew up with playing outdoors, which was fun and hence she was protecting her daughter not to fall into the gadget pit.

To encourage this

Research studies of Child psychologist also begin to reveal the effects of all this electronic engagement. Too much screen time may be linked to an increased incidence of risky behaviours, and more social network activity seems to correspond to mood problems among kids and teens. But there’s good news, too. Moderate computer use may be associated with the development of some cognitive and social skills. Anything within the boundaries, will make children realize their limits too. Hence folks! Let your child explore the outside world too. There`s lots more to see.

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