The concept of “traveling light” simply doesn’t exist when you’re traveling with a baby. A truck load of diapers, toys, clothes and cribs are just a few things that you need while travelling. Therefore we have come up with a few tips to make flying with your baby a little bit lighter.

Image of a mother with her kid in aeroplane

1. Inform the airlines beforehand.

Find out the necessary information that might prove to be helpful. Ask them about their policies on strollers and baby related baggage that’s allowed.

Hello? I have a baby travelling with me.

2. Try to consolidate.

Carry things which can be used for more than one thing. It will reduce the weight of the baggage and make travelling light slightly more possible.

A pretty handy thing to carry while travelling, right?

3. Sit in the window seat.

By sitting in the window seat you can prevent the stretched arms and legs of your child disturbing the flight attendants and passengers who are walking on the aisle.

An alien on the plane’s wings might just scare your child. Kidding!

4. Feed on take-off and landing.

The changes in pressure bother those little ears so it’s a good idea to nurse or bottle-feed your baby during the ascent and descent. This forces them to swallow and helps keep the ears open.

When the engine starts making a sound it’s time to put the bottle in your baby’s mouth!

5. Make sure you have things to entertain the baby with.

Carry lots of different toys and books that your baby likes but make sure all the noisy ones are left at home. This will allow you to have a more relaxed flight.

A perfect example of something you cannot take on flight as entertainment.

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