Your kid is like the most precious stone of your life. Just like a diamond the black carbon which after getting compressed becomes the priceless jewel, parenting your child is somewhat similar too. Their bad habits being the initial black carbon which you as parents must compress with your guidance eliminating them and raising a child, like a polished gem. However, this is definitely one of the most challenging parts in parenting and here’s a sneak peek into just how ‘black’ the carbon can be.

1. Throwing food.

Just like everything, a toddler fancies throwing his/her food too. It doesn’t matter where they throw it, on the ground or right back at your face, it can definitely test your patience.

2. Ruining important or sentimentally important things.

Now imagine your toddler doing this to something important like your family clock that has been passed down from one generation to another but what can you say, right?

3. Scribbling on everything.

There is an artist inside every kid, the only drawback being where to showcase this talent. A drawing book would probably be ideal.

4. Repetition.

Your child probably loves just one thing and you have to abide by their likes. So irrespective of how many times you have already read it, you have to read them the same story about the 3 little kittens.

5. High pitched screaming.

Just say no to a child and you will understand how challenging quieting them up is going to be.

6. Tantrums.

A kids secret weapon: throwing a tantrum. Unavoidable in nature, whether you do as they say or refuse them at more than one point of time you will have to deal with it. That’s how they rule their world and get what they want.

7. Making the house a mess.

There is no explanation as to what joy it gives your little one from making the house an absolute mess but you just have to deal with and if they make such a face while creating the mess, you fall into their ‘cuteness’ trap.

8. Nose picking.

An attack straight to their own hygiene. Correcting this is very important before they start putting their fingers in their mouth to make matters worse.

9. Siblings fighting over everything.

The constant need for attention makes parenting two or more children very hard as one has to balance the affection given to each. Reaching that equilibrium is extremely hard as for the kids, there is no ‘equilibrium affection’.

10. Hurting parents unintentionally.

It might seem like this is intentional, but I really doubt the baby means to hurt his mother like that. These accidents are funny for the by watchers and pretty painful for the victims.

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