Every child must have just the right amount of confidence, neither too less nor too much but just right. But how to ensure this?

Confidence is something that is very closely related to their mental health. If they grow up in an environment where they are encouraged even in their failures, it would definitely have a positive impact on their confidence. Here are 10 other ways to help you raise a confident child.

1. Encourage them when they achieve something.

To a child, your support is very important. Whenever you feel that they have achieved something that’s considerable to them, you should encourage them rightly.

A small kiss of appreciation never hurts!

2. Try to see that they can do their own work as much as possible.

If they say they can have a bath and brush their teeth, Let them!

3. Focus on their effort.

It’s not always the end product that matters, bonus points are given for efforts and these bonus points will go a long way in developing their confidence.

An effort is always very important!

4. Help them pursue their special interests.

Each kid is different. They all have special interests and have different talents. Help them pursue it as it will make sure they feel better about themselves, which in turn has a positive impact on their confidence.

Even if their skill/talent is as wacky as this!

5. Let your child take healthy risks.

Give your child an opportunity to do new things on their own. Do not restrict them, if they fail, then help them and pat their back for the effort.

Even if it is as messy as this!

6. Let them make their own choices.

Often you make decisions for your kids. But when they can make a choice, let them. They should be able to make simple choices like; whether to wear a sweater or not.

This attitude while making choices is a complete no-no!

7. Make it clear that you are with them even in their failures.

Failures greatly de-motivate a child from performing a particular task and takes a toll on their confidence. As parent’s it is your duty to let them know that you are with them despite their failed attempts.

Even if the failure is a complete failure like this!

8. Help them to trust in themselves.

This is a very hard thing for most children as being new to the world they are very unsure about their activities and its results. Be their guide and insist that they trust in themselves and back their abilities. This step massively helps them develop much-required self-confidence.

Just how he trusts himself with this ball at his fingers!

9. Be responsive to their feelings.

Just like you, your kid generally has a lot of mood swings. It is your duty to be responsive to them and ensure that he realizes that you do care about his feelings. This will make them feel more important.

When they are happy, this is your happy dance!

10. Never label your child as shy or nervous.

Labelling your child as ‘shy’ or ‘nervous’ is one of the cardinal sins of parenting. If you yourself put these thoughts in their heads, their confidence naturally undergoes a major drop.

Just label bottles and other things necessary, not your child!

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