The debate of a nuclear family vs a joint family is an ongoing one and there is no right or wrong to this debate. In the end, it’s all a matter of personal choice depending on your situation as parents. Both have their pros and cons and it’s upto you to weigh them and make a smart choice.

1. Time available on your hands

If you are a single parent or if both parents are working, it cuts down the time you get to spend with your child. You then have to find the right day care or nanny to watch your child while you’re at work. This is where you might consider raising your child in a joint family. Your child will always be surrounded by familiar faces of family members even while you’re away. As a single parent, your child won’t even feel the absence of a missing family member. But if you have no qualms about leaving your child with new people, or if one parent stays at home and watches the child, a nuclear family is an equally good option.

2. Difference of ideals

If you and your family have a different set of ideals by which a child is to be raised, you might want to raise your child in a nuclear family. Times are changing and you as a parent have all the rights to raise your child as you see fit, without inviting unwanted opinions from family members. If you were to raise your child in a joint family, they’re bound to pick up on habits or actions displayed by your parents, aunts, or any extended family. If these habits are ones you want to imbibe in your child, then a nuclear family shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Independence

A child growing up in a nuclear family tends to more independent than a child who has all his wants met by doting family members. They tend to be alone most of the time which makes them fulfil their wishes on their own. But there is a fine line between being independent and being lonely. If you’re away for most of the day, your child may end up feeling lonely if they are an only child. Try not to leave your child alone for too long, or ensure that they spend time with their siblings. If this is highly unlikely, a joint family maybe what you’re looking for.

4. Influence

Living in a joint family entails the child to a lot of opinions, beyond what you as parents have to provide. The numerous number of people at home may also be a cause of distraction for your child. They may fail to get the individual attention they desire, as your attention may be divided among everyone at home or in fulfilling the needs of all family members.

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