It is natural for parents to worry whether their little one is getting enough nutritious food or not, and especially if he is a picky eater. It happens very often, that the child picks up his favorite stuff from the plate and leaves the rest or gets back his tiffin untouched from the school, accompanied with several excuses. But also partially true is the fact, that most of the times take the same picky child to a fast food café and the scenario takes a 360 degree turn — you might even end up requesting for an extra helping of the cola or the empty-calorie laden junk. (Haleima Mazhar)

Image of baby crying

When the food is healthy and nutritious

Boy sad over food

When the food isn’t healthy

Girl eating junk food

But who is a fussy eater ??

A toddler who refuses to try new food at least half of the time can be categorised as a fussy eater. And almost 80 percent of children very well fit into this category. In fact, research also shows that no child
will like everything at the very first time , nor will he eat what you serve at every meal — but slowly and steadily he will pick up habits from family and peers. Although, children, generally outgrow this eating habit or disorder with age, but these days, the problem is compounded, thanks to the easy availability and exposure to junk food. After all, it is a bitter truth that fussy eaters are not born but made!!!

Limit their options by limiting their junk food

No to junk food

Here are some pointers on dealing with fussy children:

1. Be realistic in the amount of food you put into the plate. Try giving them smaller but creative portions.

healthy food in a plate

2. Be a good role model yourself and follow the same food habits you want your child to adopt.

Girl and her mother eating salad

3. Serve more finger foods. Make sure to limit the untimely snacking which can fill up his little tummy and leave no room for meals.

Vegetable and fruit salad in plate

4. Make little ones understand the importance of healthy eating. Involving kids occasionally in picking up healthy grocery from the store, planning and preparing meals and serving creatively are simple smart moves that encourage healthy eating.

Mom buying grocery with her kid

5. Dedicate a day of the week as a ‘play with food day’. Invite your child’s friends and help him whip up some cute healthy treats for all.

Mom cooking with her kid.

6. Tiffin Time: Pack creative colourful tiffins in age appropriate sizes. Pick up some colorful forks and spoons and especially silicon cups to use as dividers for fruits and other helpings.

Colourful tiffin box

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