SIDS  —  it’s very unheard or rather a very rare disease. The risk of SIDS is actually very small for the average baby (about 1 in 2000). We are thankful for the preventive steps taken by more and more parents. Good news is that 50 percent of the death rate has been reduced. SIDS usually occurs between the age of 1–4months , with vast majority of deaths occurring before 6 months. (Preethi Verma)

Some Key Points On SIDS:

1. SIDS is also known as crib death because most of the infant often die in the crib.

This is what an ideal cot should be.

2. Some of the reasons for SIDS might include, lower birth weight, as well as for mother who smoked during or after pregnancy, poor parental care, exposure to drugs or tobacco elements, mothers who are less than 20yrs, tummy sleeping, sleeping on loss or soft bedding or with pillows or toys, being overheated during sleep.

This diagram shows the overall factors leading to SIDS in babies.

3. One can reduce the risk of SIDS by ensuring proper air and ventilation for the babies while sleeping, not using devices to maintain sleep position and no loose beddings, pillows, blankets fluffy quilts or soft toys.

More information on ways to prevent it.

References: Google, few books( eg: what to expect in 1st year)

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