Your life is a carousel that never stops turning. Some free me-time seems like a distant memory. You wake up early, manage the kids and send them off to school, get yourself ready for work, finally get to work, hopefully manage to do some work, and when you’re back home, there’s always housework. And then the routine just repeats over and over. But maybe these tips can help you manage your time a little more wisely.

1. Make a list

You may think that making a to-do-list is for children who can’t remember to do their work but lets face it, it applies to you too. With so many things going on daily, you tend to forget something or the other, no matter how important. So write it down the moment you think of it and stick it where you can see it. That way you don’t have to wreck your brain trying to remember if you’re missing out on a task. And also, there’s no better feeling than scratching an item off an insanely long list. Don’t forget to prioritize items on there.

2. Delegate tasks

It’s the 21st century, so let’s kill gender bias. Let your husband cook dinner every alternate day, or hire a cook. If finances are running low, let the children do the dishes once in a while. It doesn’t classify as child labour and it’s going to prepare them when they leave for college. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, ask your neighbour to pick up your child from a play date on their way back from work. You can reciprocate by doing the same for them the next week. You should feel no guilt in lightening the burden on your shoulders, else you may end up taking out the stress on everyone in the family and nobody likes a momster.

3. Use all the resources you have

Try using public transport or taking the office cab to get to work. Driving in traffic will do no favours for your blood pressure levels and besides, you could use that time to listen to music or get your hands on a book you’ve been wanting to read. Get familiar with technology, it may seem confusing at first but it actually makes things simpler. Paying bills or online shopping saves a lot of time that you would otherwise spend standing in long queues. Try not to procrastinate tasks as things tend to go wrong when done last minute.

4. Put it back where you got it

Make this a rule written in stone. The highest amount of time is wasted in searching for misplaced items. So put it back where you got it from, especially items in your purse. Your purse should be one item ready to be taken anywhere anytime with all your necessary items already in it. Even within the purse, put the important items in the outer zip instead of dumping them inside.

5. Finish what you started

Never leave a task half done. If you’ve allotted a certain amount of time to completing the task, then try your hardest to complete it within that time without distractions. Don’t stretch it to the next day as it’ll lead to confusion or ending up in postponing it even more. Try to show your family or friends how to do the task as it’ll be easier for them in case of your absence. Try not to get too affected by things you can’t change or tasks you couldn’t do.

6. Breathe

It may seem like you own all the problems in the world, but you really don’t. The clock is always ticking but your health is more important, especially as you’re the rock that the family leans on. So never compromise on your sleep, it’s okay to miss some of your kids events to do it. Take a day off from work and treat yourself to a spa day or just enjoy being alone at home. Try to exercise atleast thrice a week, it’s one of the greatest natural stress busters. Nobody ever complained about having a good body. Go easy on yourself.

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