“Children are our most valuable resource.” (Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States)

Child abuse is the physical and mental trauma that children are put through by adults. There are many forms of child abuse, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and emotional abuse. It is the mental trauma which more than exceeds the physical abuse a child is put through. It instills fear, guilt and a sense of feeling ashamed in a child.These are attributes you hope your child does not develop. It must seem unreal but there are adults who put children through such atrocities and that’s the cold and bitter truth. It may not happen to your child but you may come across a number of children every day who may be suffering from this and it is your duty as human beings to help them. So here are a few symptoms of child abuse that can be seen in children being abused in any physical or mental fashion

1. Behavioural changes such as sudden flashes of anger or depression. An extreme in behaviours can be seen. For eg: They might lash out at the smallest of small things for no reason at all.

2. Ignorance towards people and things that are important to them. For eg: They might not seem keen to do the things they like or interact with their parents.

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3. A sudden fall in their confidence. For eg: This could be seen in their grades. It may happen that they suddenly lose confidence in their own ability and as a result their grades fall.

4. Ever-present cuts or bruises. The child will try to hide such things more often than not and if ever confronted they will just brush it away. It is a major sign of physical abuse.

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5. Avoiding few places and people. If you seem to notice a child consistently avoiding a particular place or person, that is one of the biggest signs. It is because such images remind them of the abuse they are being put through.

6. Inability to catch a good nights sleep. He/she may be having constant nightmares of certain events and their torturer thereby leading to troubled nights.

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