If you think you’re pregnant, you’re definitely in for a treat. The 16 stages you will go through from when you first think you’re pregnant till you have your baby!

Stage 1: The surprise. Am I really pregnant?

Stage 2: The home pregnancy test.

Stage 3: Visiting the doctor JUST to be sure.

Stage 4: The doctor reassures you. You’re excited, you’re anxious. You have mixed feelings. You do your happy dance.

Stage 5: Finally you tell yourself to calm down and you accept that YOU’RE REALLY pregnant.

Stage 6: Wondering how to break the news to your husband.

Stage 7: Announcing the news to friends and family, who for sure congratulate you!

Stage 8: The first ultrasound. Listening to your baby’s first heartbeat changes the world! It’s scary and beautiful.

Stage 9: The first kick!

Stage 10: You’re tired ALL THE TIME.

Stage 11: Say bye to your perfect skin and hello to stretch marks. Too bad you’re not elastic -girl or your marks would just go away.

Stage 12: How much ever you eat doesn’t seem enough. MUST HAVE MORE.

Stage 13: The gas seems like it will never stop.

Stage 14: The bathroom becomes your second home. Your bladder is always running. But the poop won’t flow. Unlike this penguin, you at least hit the target.

Stage 15: The hormones kick in and you’re officially crazy.

Stage 16: Nothing is more painful than the contractions and FINALLY the baby makes his/her entrance.

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