Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, you are the rock of the family. And when you’re down, it’s like the household has gone into a whirlpool. No one can seem to find anything, chores aren’t being completed and everyone seems lost without your presence. Here are some ways to cope when you’re sick.

1. Most important, get some rest

Your family cannot function without you, it’s as simple as that. So the faster you get well, the better it is for everyone. And that’s not going to happen with you working 24/7/365. So cut yourself some slack and take a break. Visit the doctor is self-medication isn’t effective.

2. Ask for help

No shame in asking for help once in a while. Ask dad to manage the kids for the day, arrange carpooling activities to get your kids to where they have to go and let them eat in the canteen for the day. One lunch filled with junk food never harmed anyone.

3. Don’t get too worked up

Now that you’re(or should be) in bed, there’s no one to supervise the househelp or the kids. This means that the house would probably not be as tidy as it usually is. So try not to let that bother you too much, it’s the least of your concerns right now. It would be a wrong time for your OCD to kick in.

4. Assign work

If the mess really bothers you that much, create a to-do list and get the kids to split the work and try to finish atleast a part of it. They’ll do it without complaining if they think it’ll help you. You now have an excuse to boss them around without them groaning about it.

5. Avoid cuddling

Your infection could be contagious, especially as children’s immunity is still developing. So as hard as it may seem, try to avoid cuddling your kids for the time being. They definitely still know you love them without the daily shower of kisses.

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