It’s almost time for your child’s first haircut and they generally don’t take too well being forced to sit still for more than fifteen minutes while a stranger plays with sharp object around their head. So going prepared is literally your only option to avoid creating a scene at the parlour, assuming you reach there in one piece.

1. Play it cool

As a parent, your behavior rubs off on your kids. Try not to show them that you’re as nervous as they are, they can sense the fear. Pretend like it’s not a big deal, it’ll help abate your child’s aversion to having their hair chopped off.

2. Warn them

Don’t take your child to the mall and suddenly pop them into the parlour seat. Tell them what’s happening and why they need a haircut. Tell them what the scissors and cape are supposed to do. You could prop them into a seat and give them a trial haircut before actually heading to the parlour just so they know what to expect.

3. Choose the right place

Select a parlour that is kid friendly. Not all professional parlours will take kindly having to entertain a crying child. But parlours meant for kids will definitely accommodate squirmy customers and the atmosphere will be suitable for a child.

4. Go prepared

Always go prepared for tears and tantrums at their first haircut. Carry a toy or something to distract your child. Carry a packet of their favourite snack along with you when you go. When you’re done you could treat your child to ice cream to help them get over the trauma.

5. Do it together

Maybe for a first haircut, try and schedule an appointment for yourself as well. Your child will feel more comfortable if they see you getting your hair cut off too. Show them pictures in the catalogue and let them pick a style for you, while you pick a style for them.

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