Can you wait for your baby to come out?




Pregnancy is hard no doubt. It’s nine months of nausea, leg cramps, farting, getting yourself off the sofa, balancing yourself. Everything is a challenge. For those of you that are facing a tough pregnancy here are a few facts that will make your day!

1. Sneezing startles your baby


Your kid gets scared too.




Did you know when you sneeze you scare your baby? No right. But any sort of loud noise like you sneezing or a dog bark scares your baby. You may have even felt it. Pretty amazing, right?

2. Sucking his/her thumb


Loads of time to practice inside the womb.




Your baby might suck his/her thumb even before coming into the world. Imagine your little baby sucking on his/her tiny thumbs. Must be news to you? It was to me.

3. Your baby gets the hiccups too!


The usual tricks to get rid of hiccups might not work.




Every pregnant woman feels her belly jump up. It happens when your baby gets the hiccups. It could get annoying in the end, but now you know why it happens! Makes things better?

4. Stay away from fowl smell.


HAHA, don’t worry. She’s not your baby.




A baby’s senses kick in even before he/she is out of the womb. By the end of the first trimester, a baby can smell the foods his mother eats. How incredible is that?

5. Yawning away. Things must get boring inside the womb.


He/she isn’t even born and is bored.




A baby yawning is the cutest, but yawning INSIDE? Yes, that’s right. But what else do you want a baby to do for so long?

6. Dreaming, any guesses on what it could be about?


Do you think this is how your baby dreams too?




Researchers aren’t entirely sure but rapid movement in the eyes in the later months indicate that your baby might be dreaming. But what could a fetus that hasn’t seen anything dream about, any ideas?

7. Eating, what’s yum and what’s not?


Good food sounds good to your baby too.




Certain foods like garlic, ginger and anise alter the flavour of the amniotic fluid. From as early as week 15, your baby will begin to show a preference for sweet flavours by swallowing more amniotic fluid when it is sweet, and less when it is bitter. So eat something your baby will like too.

8. Opening his/her eyes


Opening up is always good.




Your baby might open his/her eyes around week 28. There isn’t much to see but researchers have observed developing babies moving away from light that enters through your abdomen. Do you think he/she dreams of the light he/she sees?

9. Peeing inside the womb and outside it is just the same!


Can’t wait to wet his/her diapers.




By the end of the first trimester, your baby will start producing urine. Amniotic fluid is swallowed, digested, filtered by the kidneys, and then urinated back into the uterus, and the process is repeated.

10. Smiling, after all, a smile costs nothing


The smiles will never end.




You might be waiting for your baby to smile with all the tension, the diaper changing, the crying. A smile might be all your looking forward to, to let go of the stress. But don’t worry your baby has been practing his/her award winning smile inside the womb and he/she will soon show it to you.

11. Listening to you


Be sure to use only a nice tone.




During the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, babies have been found to actively listen to their mothers’ voices. He/she will not be able to understand you, but he/she is paying close attention.

12. Lastly, there maybe more than a few tears


Crying is what babies do. You still love them!




This might hurt you a bit but babies start crying even before their out of your womb. Crying is an important communication tool for them that they try to perfect before they can even come out.  

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