There’s just no denying it, one of the most tasking parts of being a new parent is dealing will all the incessant crying. Since babies cry as a means of communication, sometimes it may get hard to decipher what exactly they want and why they’re crying. These are some of the most common reasons babies cry.

1. Hunger

This is the most common reason for babies to cry at any point in the day, or night. You won’t know exactly how much to feed your baby and you’ll stop when they push you away. You don’t know when they’re feeling hungry and so when they cry, it could be a call for food.

2. Changing

Instead of waiting for the odour, babies often let you know themselves that they want their diapers to be changed. Some babies may cry immediately while some can bear the wetness for a while. But try to change diapers as often as possible to maintain hygiene.

3. Wants attention

Babies are cuddle freaks and need to be held more often than not. They need to feel their parents holding them and cuddling. The warmth of your skin or routine of your heartbeat is soothing to them. Investing in a sling to keep your baby close might be a good idea.

4. Tired

It may seem ridiculous that babies can get tired by being held all day, but it’s one of the main reasons for babies to cry. Too much attention from guests may tire out your child and also tiny humans don’t have the energy levels we, as adults, have.

5. They’re cold/hot

You may notice your child begins crying everytime to take off her clothes to bathe her. It may simply be because babies are sensitive to the cold. Similarly when you bundle them up too much, they may burst into tears. It’s just their way of telling you that they’re not at their comfortable temperature.

6. Teething

As your baby grows, temporary teeth are going to start becoming visible from their tiny gums. This could be a painful process for them and result in them crying. Damping their mouth with a wet cloth could help soothe them.

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