You must be saying a hundred or more sentences to your child on an everyday basis. You have definitely faced that irritation in your child’s voice when you say something too many times, especially if they are slightly elder. So how to keep it short and sweet?

It’s hard as parents to cut down on what you have to tell your child as there are a number of emotions that go through you when you think about them. You need to make them feel important, see that they are being good human beings and moreover you are just worried about them. So here are 8 things which you could tell your kids every day to address your worries and make them less irritable, maybe? 

1. “Be yourself”

How to stress on the importance of maintaining your own identity without dragging it on and making it sound like a lecture? “Be yourself”, pretty catchy too.


2. “Text me when you reach”

This one is applicable for the slightly older ones. One thing that must almost always annoy your kid would be your constant calls to check on their well-being. Try to implement this phrase and if they still don’t listen, just annoy them.


3. “How was your day?”


A typical ice-breaker after a tiring day irrespective of whether your kid goes to school or the nursery.


4. “Don’t waste food.”


I am not even kidding, start off your day with this sentence. Stress on its importance and make sure you are really serious. Hopefully, it works to some extent and all the food doesn’t end up in the bin.


5. “What would you like to do?”



Irrespective of how hard asking this question is going to be, it’s a must. Your child’s interests must be given some priority, regardless of how exhausted you already are.


6. “Do not give up.”


A daily motivational quote is a must. That’s the secret of raising a dreamer.


7. “ I love you”


These three beautiful words have no restriction. You can say it to them once they get up, after they brush their teeth, after their bath and so on. But say it at least once?

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