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Parents tend to worry so much when it comes to toddler potty training. But there isn’t anything to worry about if you and your toddler are ready for it. There’s just a few that you’ll need to remember and you’re good to go.

Step 1: Make sure he/she is ready

Introduce potty to your baby around 2 to 4 months after your baby’s first birthday just to pique interest. Your toddler will show you signs that he/she is ready to be potty trained such as feeling uncomfortable in dirty diapers, stays dry for long periods of time, feels comfortable about it. Catch on to any early signs so you know he/she is ready!


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Step 2: Buy the equipment

You’ll need to buy a potty chair or a potty seat which goes on top of the adult toilet. Research shows that a potty chair is better for toddlers as their feet can reach the ground which makes it easier and more comfortable for them to use. If you buy a potty seat make sure to buy a step stool for it as well. It is important to buy the right equipment and place it in the bathroom so your toddler gets used to going to using the washroom rather than going anywhere else.


Might have to shell some money.




3. Bring it up, make him/her feel comfortable

Simple questions can take you a long way. Just by asking your toddler if they need to use the washroom can make a big difference. You may not even realise it, but this makes them feel that you are open about it and that they can talk to you about it. Also for the first few days make your toddler sit on the potty for some time so that they feel comfortable to use it.


Kitty’s getting comfy.




4. Buy potty books

Buy your toddler books about the subject. It will help him/her understand better and feel more comfortable. He/she might also understand that this is something important and that’s why you’re stressing on it! But do not add any pressure. That will just make things more difficult rather than easy.


Reading helps. You should try it.




5. Choose the right time

Choosing the right time maybe the most important thing. Make sure to choose a time where you are ready and so is your child. Also, it has to be a time when you can divert all your attention to potty training. Do not rush it. Don’t choose a weekend before you’re leaving for a vacation or anything like that. Potty training may or may not take time but, you cannot rush it.


Is it?




6. Make going to the bathroom a habit

Encourage regular trips to the washroom. Also make your baby sit on the potty for a while every day and for a while longer if you think he/she has to go. They’ll get used to using the washroom. Explain to your baby the connection between feeling and going. Whenever he/she shows signs of needing to use the washroom like squatting, retreating just ask him/her if he/she needs to.


Habits can be good.




7. Dressing right

Nowadays everyone dresses up for every occasion the same way you need to dress your toddler up for potty training. Dress your toddler up in easily removable clothes so that they can remove it without difficulty. For boys it’s good to use the velcro shorts or pants or elastic ones, same for girls. But you could dress girls in skirts as well.


Even dogs are getting dressed these days.




8. Enforce proper hygiene

Teach your toddler that washing his/her hands after using the washroom is a MUST. Make them sing a rhyme or song while he/she washes his/her hands so you know they wash their hands for long enough. Neat trick right?

Do you think he just used the washroom?



9. Reinforce with positive encouragement

No matter how small a step show your little one that he/she is doing well. If you ask him/her if she wants to use the washroom and they tell you still praise them for it. It helps develop a confident attitude as well! 


This is what you have to tell your toddler!




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