Confession # 1: She Sends Her Kid to School Sick

Junior’s complaining of a stomach ache, but he hasn’t thrown up, and you’ve got a big day at work. Send him to school or keep him home? If you’re like 49% of our working mom respondents, you let him go to school or daycare and hope for the best. “I gave my child medicine and sent him to day care with a fever,” shared one mom. “I figured he had gotten it from the other kids in the class, and I had already missed 15 days of work with him being sick.”

Confession # 2: She’ll Take Sleep Over Sex

Nap or nookie? Once the kids are asleep, most of moms would take a good night of sleep over mind-blowing sex any day. Being tired is an almost universal complaint among the moms we surveyed. As one mom put it: “Everyone tells you to enjoy the time you have with your kids while they are young, but sometimes I am just so tired and worn out, enjoying them just feels like more work!”

Confession # 3: She Judges Other Moms

Ever felt judged by another mom? I would think to myself, Wow. How can they let their daughter walk out of the house like that? I will ALWAYS make sure that if I have a daughter, her hair will be neatly brushed and done nicely. HA! Then I had a strong-willed, very opinionated daughter of my own.

Confession # 4: She Uses her Kids to Get Out of Things

Kids provide a convenient excuse to bow out things, according to survey almost 84% of moms. In fact, 45% reported using their kids to get out of social obligations around once a month. One mom even confessed I often use my kid as an excuse for the unsorted laundry piled on the bed. “Oh, it’s a mess, my home… you know with a six-year-old at home, it’s quite a task expecting everything to be in place, AND tidy.

Confession # 5: She won’t necessarily cook your favorite dish

I won’t necessarily cook your favourite dish, but what’s easy and quick. So remember when you said you like to eat okra for lunch, and I said, ‘we’ve run out of okra’? Ya well, I lied. In fact, I was so tired after work that I had no energy to cook.

Confession # 6: She Wants to be Left Alone

Me time, when you can do whatever you darn well please, becomes practically non-existent once you’re a parent, and our survey found it’s the pre-baby luxury that moms miss most. Out of everything they miss from before kids — a better body, more disposable income, time with friends — 23% of moms most crave alone time. “I can’t wait to get away from my kids sometimes. I need alone time (even away from my husband),” says one mom.

Confession # 7: The kids’ laundry never makes it out of the laundry baskets and into their closets or dressers.

I have a really hard time finding the energy to fold, hang and put the clothes away knowing just how quickly they go through them. The clothes are clean. That’s enough, right? I’m usually fine with it until I begin the search for a pair of socks, which probably ends up taking longer than just folding and putting away the damn laundry in the first place!

Confession # 8: I do care about my pregnancy weight

There are times when I feel like such a loser for not getting my body back into pre-baby shape. I’m afraid people look at me and think I’m lazy because of it.

Confession # 9:

I hate the weekday morning rush — trying to get myself ready for work, the kids dressed and out the door, and the daycare drop-off done. I always end up feeling super frazzled.

Confession # 10: Always choose to keep busy

Some days I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom. But most of the time I am so thankful to be able to go to work.

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