Well all of us love to bring out the best from our kids, but are we really preparing them as how to face tomorrow’s world ? Everyone are in a rat race in this competitive world, while we are forgetting one important ingredient in giving our child -which is courage and confidence in building them as independent individuals . While education is a long played role in the success , character building and go getter attitude also goes hand in hand . Academics have always been focused on individual achievement. You apply yourself, do your homework and perform well on exams in order to get into a prestigious university. Then you repeat the process in college and possibly graduate school before moving on to a successful career. That’s been the formula for success: Work, achieve and reap the rewards. The reality is that today we’re tackling issues that are much more complex than in the past and our children will face ones that are even more multifaceted. They will need to be able to work more closely with others who bring varied skills and perspectives to problems than we ever did.

Six skills children need for their future:

Preparing for uncertainty raises the question up from the specific to the more general, we can define today to skills that prepare a child for an uncertain range of possible futures and for steady change. What are those things?

1. Love of Learning

With no certainty about the skills and knowledge we will need. A desire to learn will give an individual greater success. That comes from experiences as a child in which learning is challenging, interesting, rewarding, and fun, and sometimes includes what the child wants to learn.

2. Skill at learning

Learning to learn is a teachable skill and should be at the core of the school curriculum. This includes iterative efforts at instilling and advancing learning skills, and giving students the chance to reflect and learn about how they learn best.

3. Self-knowledge

Self-knowledge is thus a central skill. A critical part of it is humility, but another is self-confidence. The self-aware child will grow to be someone who can and wants to talk to all sorts of people. To listen well and to continue to learn.

4. People sense

Children may be naturally self-focused and thus in practice, selfish. There is a way out. We can work with them to understand the situations others are in, the points of view that other people have. The child who develops people sense will be a strong collaborator.

5. Communication

Communication includes spoken, written, and increasingly, visual communication, and will be fundamental to most kinds of work. This is strengthened by people sense, and in turn improves and strengthens skill at collaboration.

6. Open minds

No success is possible if we don’t raise children to become adaptable, thoughtful, open-minded adults. Theirs will be a world of constant challenge and change, and being strong and prepared means being able to change.

While this innovation continues, a “back to basics” push may overweigh interest in this kind of skills building. And that would mean a loss of the depth and strength we need to instill in young minds around the world. Let us provide our children a holistic learning with an open mind to face the future challenges.

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