Exercising during pregnancy is just as important for your body as exercising during any other period in your life. As an added bonus, keeping your body fit is going to have positive impacts on your child’s health as well! Naturally, strenuous exercises should be avoided but that isn’t an excuse to stop working out all together, and here are a few reasons that will motivate you to keep the workout gear ready even during your pregnancy!

1. Your weight

Naturally, you’re going to put on a lot of weight during your pregnancy but women who work out during their pregnancy put on less weight than women who give up exercising all together. By keeping the working out habit alive during pregnancy, it’s going to make it easier for you to lose the post pregnancy weight too!

2. Preparation for labor

By continuously working out during pregnancy, you ensure that your stamina and energy levels haven’t fallen to disastrously low levels. High stamina and energy is obviously going to make it easier for you to pull through your delivery, it might even reduce the pain!

3. Swimming

Who is ever going to say no to an opportunity to help you forget about the excess weight your body is carrying. Swimming is one of the safest exercises during pregnancy, with lesser pressure on joints and chances of falling on your baby. It’s also going to help you feel pretty much weightless and allow you to cool off for a while.

4. Helps you feel good

Pregnancy is going to release a lot of hormones in your body so why not add some that help you feel better? Exercising releases hormones that make you feel good from the inside and who couldn’t do with that sort of satisfaction at a time when your body has bloated to the size of a balloon.

5. Reduces pain

Exercising or any sort of movement is going to help with the cramps faced during pregnancy. Even the leg swelling can be reduced by ensuring you stay on the move for atleast ten minutes everyday. It helps keep your mind off the discomfort and usually helps you sleep better, which reduces chances of depression!

6. Distraction

Exercising your way through your pregnancy is the best way to keep your mind off activities you might have been addicted to before! Ever feel like smoking or drinking, why not do a couple of stretches instead to help reduce the urge? It has multiple benefits while helping you keep you and your baby healthy!

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