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How do you know when your stomach is cramping or you’re just having a bad tummy day? When your abdomen feels like it’s being yanked from either side, it’s probably the cramps! Your uterus is constantly expanding to make room for the increasing size of the baby, and the muscles surrounding your uterus are stretching it, which is what is causing you pain. So what can you do to ease the pain of cramping?

1. Bust the myths, do not apply a hot water bottle

When you get the cramps, the first action people usually take is to apply a hot water bottle to soothe the pain. While it works wonders, it probably shouldn’t be used when there’s a tiny human within you. The increased temperature of your abdomen is pretty dangerous during pregnancy. Try taking a long warm shower instead of directing the heat to one place.

2. Move!

Even though you’re already feeling like someone stabbed you in the stomach, moving around is going to ease rather than aggravate the pain. It’ll take your mind off the pain. If a walk seems too daunting, atleast change your position to one that’s less painful.

3. Hydrate

You should be drinking as much water as you can during pregnancy anyway, but more so when you have the cramps. Gallons of water will only do you good, you could switch between other fluids as well, except alcohol of course.

4. Leg cramps

Stomach cramps aren’t the only cramps women face during pregnancy. Leg cramps are pretty common as well. It’s probably the extra weight you’re carrying around added with the fact that your blood vessels are under extra pressure too. Try lying down on your left side to improve circulation when this happens. Walk around and stretch your calf muscles as often as you can, especially before going to bed. Hot water could probably help relax your muscles.

5. Get help

In case your cramps persist over a long time and the usual home remedies cease to work, then it’s probably time to see a doctor. If your cramps are accompanied with vaginal spotting or your urination has become painful, it might be a urinary tract infection. Bleeding could be signs of a miscarriage. In these cases, always opt for professional help.

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