Cold and cough is very irritating and uncomfortable for all of us. Now try to imagine how it would affect a small baby. Nasal congestion, cough, phlegm and difficulty in breathing etc., can be extremely difficult for babies. Sadly, there is not much that can be done to prevent them from getting infected except for ensuring hygiene in your house.   

For centuries, however, mothers all over the country have been using different home-remedies to bring some relief to their babies. Listed below are some of the most effective of these:

1. Keep Them Hydrated:

(For babies over 6 months of age) You should make sure that they are always hydrated when down with cold. They should be given warm water, soup etc. at small intervals.

2. Carom Seeds and Garlic:

Dry roast carom seeds and garlic on a pan. Then tie them up in a muslin cloth and rub it on the baby’s chest. For those younger than 6 months, tie the pouch to their cot so they can inhale the vapours.

3. Humid Air:

To relieve the nasal passages of mucus, it is important to breathe in moist air. Older children can be given steam directly from a vapourizer and for smaller children, humidifier should be installed in the room. If neither of these is possible, just give the baby a warm bath in a steamy bathroom.

4. Massage the baby:

Another way to soothe the baby is to massage her/him with warm oil (baby or mustard) mixed with garlic for instant relief.

5. Use Vapour Rub:

Rub some vapour rub on their feet and cover them up with socks, for children above 6-8 months of age.

6. Elevate baby’s heads:

(Not for babies below six months of age) Elevate the baby’s head by giving the him/her an extra pillow or putting one under the his/her mattress.

7. Turmeric:

Apply turmeric paste on the head of the baby. For cough, mix a pinch of turmeric powder in hot milk and give it to the baby.

8. Honey:

(Only for children above the age of one) Honey is considered to be one of the most effective natural products for cough. Honey with warm water can be given multiple times a day. You can also mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1/4 spoon of cinnamon and give it to the baby a couple of times a day for relief.

9. Camphor:

Add a small amount of camphor in warm coconut oil and rub a few drops on the baby’s chest. It may irritate your baby’s skin so make sure you use very little camphor.

10. Lady Finger/Okra:

For babies over 6 months, you can boil some Okra or Lady Finger with water. Cool it down and serve it to the baby in small quantities throughout the day.

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