Shopping has never been easy and is always a time-consuming tricky errand. It gets all the more challenging when it comes to doing it for your tender little one. With innumerable brands on offer, may it be Chicco vs Pigeon, or Sebamed vs Johnson, and a new product showing up on the stands every now and then, baby shopping is enough to send the already tensed parents into a tizzy.

When it comes to overall hygiene coupled with gentle care, the first and foremost extremely important requirement is baby soap. This is something which cannot be compromised upon and needs to be chosen with utmost care.

Some Useful Pointers:

1. Gentle to the baby’s skin:

Soaps need to be gentle on the tender skin and should be devoid of any harsh chemicals. It makes sense to choose a soap which is mildly fragrant and not heavily lathering.

2. Shouldn’t have too strong a smell:

Babies tend to dislike any new smells and hence a heavily fragrant soap might cause discomfort to the baby and would lead to the baby crying.

3. Should not lather heavily:

Soaps which lather heavily will be high on chemicals which can prove to be harmful to the baby’s skin. Usage of either of these should be avoided to protect the baby from any harmful skin reactions.

Two soaps which caught my attention while scouting around for that perfect soap bar for my baby were Sebamed baby cleansing bar and Himalaya Mothercare extra moisturizing baby soap. Although picking up Himalaya was more of a “little me try something Indian” thing than anything else!

Sebamed Baby Cleansing bar:

Sebamed soap talks about its balanced pH level maintained at 5.5, helpful in protecting the smooth texture of your baby’s skin. While this scientific explanation may not be useful to most moms, the fact that it is completely soap-free is appealing and the bar does not give any kind of irritation or feel of dryness to the baby. If you are obsessed with using health ingredients then wheat-germ oil will be familiar to you. This oil is present in the bar along with enriching vitamins and amino acids which help in nourishing and hydrating the baby’s skin. The usage of Panthenol and Chamomile as key ingredients in the bar is an adding plus since they prove to be quite helpful in keeping the baby’s skin soft.

Himalaya Extra Moisturising baby soap:

Himalaya extra moisturising baby soap on the other hand appealed to me for the more natural ingredients used in its making and it was definitely worth a try. The ingredients like olive oil provides the much required vitamin E which helps in softening the skin while nourishing and protecting it. Also it prevents chafing and ensures that the baby’s skin is healthy. Additionally the presence of almond oil, Indian Aloe and milk add to its appeal since all of these help in smoothening, softening and effectively moisturising the baby’s skin. It is also not artificially coloured and works well on managing dry skin (Infantile xerosis) in babies. It is economically better priced as well.

The Verdict!

Both these soap bars proved to be good and were worth the buy. I would definitely recommend fellow moms to give them a shot!

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