The 8th month of the baby can be quite a surprise for the parents. The little one starts to pull itself up, grab the spoon, loses interest in the same old combination of formula and breast milk. So now it is a good time for the mothers to introduce a new kind of variety of food stuff for the young infant. The diet chart below can give a fair idea of what parents might need to keep in mind while planning a menu for the 8 month old baby.


Sorry babies! As much as you are growing tired of mommy’s milk, it isn’t something you can put to a halt just yet. So breakfast has to be a fair share of breast milk. Mid mornings can be mashed carrot or cooked carrot as and what the baby likes. Lunch can be Moong dal khichdi followed by the early evening breast milk session and mashed carrot or mashed potato for dinner and breast milk during bedtime.


Start the Tuesday with breast milk, both during early morning and breakfast. Give your child a taste of raw or mashed apple during mid-morning. Let him taste the vegetable dal soup for lunch, breast milk during early evening followed by a yummy course of mashed vegetable with cheese for dinner. End the day with breast milk during bedtime.


Breast milk to be kept a staple again for early morning and breakfast. Now it’s a good time for eggs in the menu, so have your child taste the boiled and mashed egg for the lunch on Wednesday. Keep the lunch menu simple with rice and dal porridge followed by the milk session early evening. Dinner can be wheat porridge with breast milk for bedtime.


Begin the day with breast milk in the early morning and breakfast, followed by crumbled tofu for a midmorning meal. Mash channa and veggies for lunch. Keep dinner simple again by serving your little one, apple porridge. Make sure you feed breast milk both before and after dinner once during early evening and once during bedtime.


Let us begin the last weekday with breast milk for both during early morning and breakfast. Have your child taste toasted bread croutons with a dollop of butter during the mid-morning meal. Moong dal khichdi with vegetables sounds good for the lunch menu; so do oats and banana porridge for dinner. Breast milk sessions during early evening and bedtime must never be forgotten.


Yay! It is Saturday. The weekend is here. Mommies kindly make the little one’s menu exciting with a nice and yummy apple or carrot soup. It shouldn’t be taken before the breast milk early in the morning. Mashed rice with tomato rasam sounds equally yummy and exciting if prepared for lunch. Give a nice gap of two three hours before the evening session of feeding the baby breast milk. Finish the day with boiled dosa or idli for dinner followed by mommy’s milk for bedtime.


Let us start Sunday with breast milk for the infant followed by a few tablespoons of homemade curd with sugar for breakfast. Have your baby try Dalia khichdi for lunch, breast milk in the early evening and sooji or apple kheer for dinner. Finish the week’s meal with breast milk at bedtime.

Mothers, please keep in mind that servings and the intake capacity differs from child to child. If your baby is full after five to six servings, there is nothing unnatural about it. This new introduction of the variety of foods is good for the baby as it helps exploring its taste buds. The child takes on shapes, textures and variety of food stuff and develops a taste for his/her favorites.

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