By the time the baby reaches the 7th month, it has already experienced its first stages of tasting solid foods. Any sort of schedule or a diet chart is never enough or right as the need and the wants of each baby differs from the other. The baby will only consume as much he needs. And as mommies you need to take the cues and the hints your baby gives while tasting the solid food to see which one suits it and which doesn’t. The sample chart is just for an idea for the first time mommies to figure out where to start from.

An exemplary idea of what a weekly Indian diet chart for a 7 month old baby may look like, is as follows:


The day may be started off with breast milk, apple puree for breakfast followed by a two-three hour gap for another session of mommy’s milk during mid-morning. Lunch maybe a few tablespoons of porridge or sooji. The rest of day’s food must be sessions of breast milk for evening, dinner as well as during bedtime.


Breast milk being the constant factor, can be aided with mashed banana. Lunch can be suji or porridge again which should be preceded by a session of breast milk during mid-morning. Similarly breast milk for all three meals during evening, dinner and bedtime.


Breast milk or formula coupled with papaya puree again for breaking the day’s fast. Try out rice porridge for Wednesday for breaking the taste of sooji for the prior two days, again preceded with breast milk during mid-morning. Sadly a 7 month year old has no other option than to make do with breast milk during evening, dinner and bedtime as well.


Breakfast has to be mommy’s milk and papaya puree for a Thursday morning. But make lunch exciting by introducing Ragi porridge and mid-morning session of breast milk. Do not forget the breastfeeding session during evening, dinner and bedtime.


Repeat breakfast menu with an early morning breast milk session followed by papaya puree in the morning and see if your baby is adapting to this new diet. And you may introduce moong dal today with the rice porridge. Keeping in mind the mandatory breast feeding sessions during evening, dinner and bedtime.


Saturdays can be the combination of breast milk early in the morning and pumpkin kheer for breakfast followed by breast milk during mid-morning again. Lunch may be a boiled apple and halwa. After all it is Saturday. Breast milk remains constant during evening, dinner and bedtime.


While you gorge on the bacon make sure the baby gets a good amount of breast milk, carrot puree for a healthy Sunday breakfast. Give your child a meal consisting of banana halwa for lunch preceded by a mid-morning session of mother’s milk. Breast milk is a staple during the evening, dinner and bedtime.

One should keep in mind this is just a sample menu. Diet and schedule may change according to the baby’s intake and capacity. Gradually towards the end of the 8th month the baby starts to have three full meals a day but however again it mustn’t be confused with an adult’s intake of food. The baby might not be able to finish the meals hence it shouldn’t be expected to that he will.

Planning a diet routine for a 7 month old can be quite challenging and also the personal thing. Mommies must take note of the cues the babies give and understand and plan a pattern of eating, sleeping and playing time. Introduction of foods like eggs and tofu need not be waited. You can serve these if your baby likes and doesn’t show any allergic reactions. In case of allergic outbreaks rush to your pediatrician. Adequate amount of sleep is also equally important in dietary schedule. A fourteen hour of sleep in total is prescribed to be healthy and adequate for the infant. And since the baby still feeds on mother’s milk, mommies must also take good care of health and hygiene to provide the right kind of nutrition to the infant.

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