The pregnancy test read positive! It hits you now, you’re about to be a mother. Are you ready for it? The immense responsibility? The imperative role? If creating and raising a little life didn’t test your limits, you would be lucky. Look at yourself in the mirror and drink in your reflection, as you look now, for it will be too long before you look and feel the same.

Look back on your life, dear to-be mum. The things that stay with you are the things you went to hell and back for. The exam you aced, the race you won, even your physique is something you have worked hard and headstrong for. Pregnancy will not transpire to be any different, only now, the stakes will be sky high and endurance will prove critical.

The one thing most pregnant women struggle with, are the drastic changes their bodies undergo. Not fitting into your favorite jeans has psychological repercussions that really throw you. To go from slim to ye big in nine months can be overwhelming and flood your mind with unsavory thoughts. One thing to remember is that you only go from beautiful to still more beautiful. Your body is sacred, pregnant or otherwise but when you’re pregnant, there’s something extra special about you; You’re making a miracle!

Inside that baby bump goes on, inexplicable life making processes. So what if sometimes all you do is throw up? And other times, you pee? All of the banes of being pregnant add up to one magical boon of a baby, that you get to keep forever! Aren’t his little nibble worthy toes worth the stretch marks that may crop up here and there? Her twinkling eyes worth the bulging tummy?

Soon enough, you will, in a heartbeat, trade not only your favorite jeans but your whole world for the little being. The baby, just a tad bigger than the palm of your hand, will hold your life in its little hands. For the first time, you will put yourself second. Transform from young, wild and free to responsible, reasonable and a role model. Pregnancy, will change you, no doubt; Physically and Psychologically but this change is positive, this transformation, meaningful. Being pregnant is an important step in your evolution as person so savor every minute of it.

Indulge your cravings, Engage in prenatal yoga, Pamper your beautiful self. The changes your body is subjected to during pregnancy, are natural and impart a completeness, a complacency to your being. Getting fit can be on your agenda once you have had your baby and is an achievable feat. Don’t detest your baby bump, adore it, for it is nature unraveling its secrets before your very eyes, the secret of life making!

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