Picking the perfect name for your baby is a daunting task. Some of us have our favourite names picked long before we fully understood the concept of giving birth. The name of this new arrival reflects more on the parents’ personality than on the baby’s. The most important consideration to keep in mind is to choose the one you love, as it is said that there are no good or bad names. In addition to the multiple likely possibilities you zero in on, friends and relatives have their own suggestions to make – whether you want them to or not. The only trick is to not get overwhelmed and just go with the flow. The right name is just around the corner!

1. Significance

Spend some time in researching on the internet the meanings of names you like best to help you choose the perfect one for your baby, especially if you’re having trouble finding the one that feels right.


Think about how the name will sound when you call your child. A few things that you can ask yourself are: Does the name have a soothing effect? or does it sound harsh? Does it go well with your last name? Different people have different opinions. According to some parents, longer first names work better with shorter last names, while others think the opposite. Whereas some people think combining a first name that ends in a vowel with a last name that starts with a vowel isn’t usually a great idea because the names can run together. You also might want to avoid choosing a first name that rhymes with a last name. Just go with the one that ‘sounds’ right.

3. Uniqueness

Many parents insist on finding a unique name that will distinguish their child. But sometimes an extremely unusual name can bring your child unwarranted attention instead. Do not over complicate it as it might lead to a painful situation for your kid as he might subjected to a lifetime of correcting how others say it. Avoiding awkward conversations is the best.

4. Go timeless

Choosing a name which has been there for centuries has a certain classiness attached to it. Even though it might feel cliched or overused, you can hardly go wrong with a name that never goes out of style.

5.Go Gender Neutral

Away from all the pinks and blues, take the path of the yellows. Teach your kid the essentials of gender equality, beginning with his name. Even though it might lead to ‘is this a boy’s name or a girl’s’ confusion later in life, every little step counts. A unisex name also stands out of the crowd, another plus! 

6. Do not get too blown away by popular culture

Are you going through a phase where you are so in love with a character that you have decided to name your baby after them? It might not be a good move as it might get a little too common in the upcoming years if it is a name of a popular character because there must be many other people who must be thinking on the same lines as you. Research it well to make sure that it does not carry some weird connotations which may be a cause for later embarrassment. Remember, your child has to stick with it for the rest of his life.

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