Falling sick isn’t a pleasant experience, more so when you’re pregnant. It could be very dangerous for you as well as your child. But no matter how careful you are, it may sometimes be impossible to avoid sickness completely. It could be a virus in the air or carried on by someone close to you.


During pregnancy, your immunity system tends to be a little weaker and you become a target more easily. This may be a good thing because it means that your body isn’t blocking out your child’s needs but it also has a very obvious downside.



But just because you can’t stop it doesn’t mean you don’t take all necessary precautions against falling sick.

1. Hygiene

Make sure to remain hygienic and wash your hands before every meal or after returning home from outside. The most common place of germ accumulation is door knobs, currency notes and even your phone.

2. Healthy Diet

Ensure you have a healthy diet as a healthy body has fewer chances of getting sick and higher chances of faster recovery. Rest your body whenever possible by sleeping for longer or taking as many naps as you can.

3. Fitness

Do workouts suitable for your pregnancy stage as this not only helps build immunity but also helps maintain your body clock and get a better night’s rest.

4. Precaution

If you’ve got signs of mild fatigue, dry cough, plenty of sneezing and a continuous running nose, you’ve probably come down with a cold, again not an uncommon sickness in pregnant women. Remember to go to a doctor as soon as you start seeing symptoms, as the earlier it is detected, the easier it is to treat.

5. Hydration

Always keep your body hydrated and rested as lack of these two can lower immunity.

6. NO Self Medication

Do not take any antibiotics without consultation. They may treat the sickness but may harm the fetus in the process.

7. Allergies

If it’s a case of allergies, try and avoid household chemicals, cigarette smoke, pollens, and obviously what you’re allergic to.

8. Vitamins

Try eating foods loaded with vitamin C, and don’t forget warm items to keep you and the baby comfortable. 

9. Infections

There are also chances of getting a urinary tract infection during pregnancy. If you feel a burning sensation in your vaginal region during urination or have foul smelling urine, it’s probably UTI. Try using cotton underwear and staying hydrated. Avoid using feminine hygiene products. 

If your symptoms last more than two weeks, it could have progressed to a secondary infection and visiting a doctor would be a good idea.


These are the most common cases of sickness during pregnancy and every woman might face different sicknesses but it’s very important in all cases to eat right. Apart from eating right, keep your body hydrated, rest and exercise in right amounts. These should help with mild cases of sickness during pregnancy.



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