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Tinystep is an app for pregnant moms and new mothers to ask, connect and share. Especially for the new moms, getting the answer to your questions can be difficult at times. This is where Tinystep excels at bridging moms around the world to connect and share information, so you do not feel alone in the parenting and pregnancy journey.

Making friends with the mother community is a breeze with the app. Different chat groups in the app can let you connect to your desired topic like baby names, baby care, pregnancy, baby essentials, breastfeeding, pregnancy fitness, parenting hacks, pregnancy myths and much more.

The app also has tools that help both mothers and pregnant women like growth charts, pregnancy tracker, vaccination reminders, blogs and memory lane!


The Interview


Can you tell our readers what the Tinystep app is?

Tinystep is India’s biggest mom club! Moms ask, connect and share everything about their parenting journey, get guidance and build a support system together.

How did Tinystep start?

Tinystep springs from the observation that there is an apparent gap in society when it comes to family dynamics. Joint families are a thing of the past. The rise in nuclear families has led to a gap in information being passed down to future generations. A friend of mine and his wife had found out that they were pregnant. And it shocked me, the struggle they had to go through just for the most basic information. This really struck me back then, and this domain needed something like Tinystep.

How can the app help parents and caretakers?

Tinystep is the one app that every parent needs when they have a question, when they want to make a decision, make mom friends, meet people who can help them with a service, when they want to casually browse through content or share and save their parenting/baby memories.

Can you briefly explain what are the features available in the app?

We start off by introducing moms to birth clubs. These are auto groups connecting moms with 50 other moms who are similar to them. Q&A, an open forum where moms post questions and get answers. Chat – individual and group chat groups across all topics and themes. Feed – Mom sharing daily content in the world of parenting. Memory Lane – A seamless timeline of your baby’s pictures, saved for life.

Which part of Tinystep that you like the most and why?

It’s our app, and we’ve worked hard on it. We love the whole app!

Can you tell us why Tinystep is different from other baby apps?

Tinystep apart from being and all in one app, it is also the parenting app you’ll find where moms are encouraged to discuss parenting with others rather than us randomly throwing information at them.

Who are the team members that design and develop Tinystep?

We are a team 21 people as of now.


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