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Breastfeeding is an innate quality in humans similar to all other mammals. Medically, it is encouraged to breastfeed the child immediately after birth without any delay. It important for the well-being of both mother and child.

However, it is quite but natural that breastfeeding also comes with its posse of problems and most common amongst them is sore nipples. The good news is that it is an easily curable pain and the methods to alleviate the pain associated with it are available at your home itself.

What causes sore nipples?

Most commonly sore nipples are caused when the baby is not latching properly onto the mother’s breast while feeding. The ideal positioning would be when the baby’s chin rests on the mother’s breast and its nose points towards the breast when the mother is feeding the baby in a semi-reclined position.

Few other causes can be due to hormonal changes which the body experiences during pregnancy, using the wrong bra size, certain medicines which are being administered to the mother, etc.

Some tips to prevent sore nipples:

1. Following the correct posture while breastfeeding as per advice given by medical personnel.

2. Providing additional support to the baby by placing your hand below the baby’s shoulders.

3. Steer clear of harsh soaps or products that may potentially dry your skin that will further worsen your wounds

4. Ensure to use a herbal nipple cream that is enriched with natural products such as Kokum Butter, a natural healer that helps to deeply moisturize, and Virgin Coconut Oil, which smoothens, cools and protects your nipples from cracks and fissures.

New mothers are an apprehensive lot especially when they are first timers. I was one of them too! It is important to air our situations and seek help from a lactation consultant, if the need arises. As always, enjoy this phase of motherhood and happy parenting!

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