The chances of your child suffering from any of these side effects after getting the DTaP vaccine are extremely low. However, the chances of your child suffering from Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis are extremely high if he/she has not been vaccinated as per schedule.
Side effects known to be associated with the DTaP vaccine have been divided in two groups, namely:
1. Common side effects of the DTaP vaccine, and
2. Uncommon side effects of the DTaP vaccine

Common Side Effects of the DTaP vaccine

There are some mild side effects that usually occur after getting the DTaP vaccine. Some of them are as follows:

· Mild fever
· Redness around the spot of injection
· Weakness
· Swelling at the site of the shot
· Tiredness
· Headaches
· Soreness around the spot of infection
· Fatigue
· Nausea
· Tenderness at the site of the shot
· Fussiness
· Vomiting

These side-effects usually occur within 1-3 days of getting the DTaP vaccine, if at all they do. These do not cause trouble for long durations as these problems are known to pass quickly.
*If your child has/had a history of seizures, it’s important to control the fever caused by the DTaP vaccine, however mild it may be.

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