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You’re married, is it happily ever after now? No. The battle’s won but the war is yet to come! When you marry your husband, I don’t know if you marry his entire family but you sure as hell marry his mother. A happy mother-in-law equals blissful married life. The stereotype of the typical hindi serial saas-bahu relationship can begin to seem like your life, mothers-in-law can hold you tight in their grip.

Here are 5 types of Mothers-In-Law you may encounter when you take your ‘shaadi ke saat vachan’ (7 marriage vows):

1. The Jealous One

pissed of daughter in law because mother in law is jealous and because beyonce

She didn’t gain a daughter, she lost her son and she’s not happy about it. You’ll have a hard time winning this one over. The jealousy might be caused by an obsessive, territorial feeling or simply over-protection after a lifetime of nurturing. She will never be convinced that you are good enough for her golden boy.

2. The Meddling One

meddling mother in law

She is the type who wants to know every single thing about your daily routine. She needs to know everything about your household, every little detail. She’s not mean but she’s not exactly nice either. In most of such cases, the mother-in-law seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that she is undermining her daughter-in-law’s place at home. So although her meddling is beyond annoying, it comes from a good place.

3. The Manipulative One

manipulative mother in law

This type can become quite a problem because, whether she realises it or not, she uses emotional blackmail to get her son to do what she wants, even when it means sabotaging your already made and agreed to plans. This might be harsh on your partner because it means making him choose between his wife and his mother, which is unfair.

4. The Needy One

taylor swift as needy mother in law

Some in-laws just need their phones to never stop ringing. She wants you to call her, if not daily, then for every single occasion. She wants you to be the first number on your speed dial and wants to be consulted even if you decide to move your sofa. And God forbid, if you fail to wish her on one of her special days, she will hold that grudge against you for her entire lifetime. She wants to be your BFF and your revered mother-in-law at the same. It can get pretty confusing and irritating at the same time to understand what exactly is that she wants.

5. The Supportive One

supportive mother in law

She’s kind and supportive of you and your family. She’s caring but not too nosy. She loves your children and treats you all with respect. She understands and respects the fact that you have a personal space which must not be intruded into. Instead of belittling you for the mistakes you make, she will guide you through thick and thin. If your mother-in-law is similar to this, pat yourself on the back and thank the Lord because you are one lucky gal!

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