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You know your life is about to change after having a child, but the extent of this always leaves you surprised. Some things that most couples experience is the change in the choice of topics to converse about. You’ll find yourself having thoughts and worries you’d never imagine having.

So, here are some of the hilarious conversations you might find yourself engaging in once your baby has arrived.

1. How early can we start sleep training her?”

baby sleeping problems

Babies sleep at the oddest times and wake up at even odder times. Couples can’t wait till the baby can finally sleep on her own. Allowing them to receive a much needed good night’s rest as well.

2. Honey is this greenish-yellow or yellowy-green?”

poop colour

Talk surrounding poop no longer disgusts you as a parent. It becomes a part of your regular conversation to be concerned with your child’s bowel movements. 

3. “Is ‘gleebah’ a word?”

baby talking milestone

New parents get super excited at their baby’s’ milestones. Talking, being a major one, parents tend to get excited at even the slightest possibility of a word out of their children’s mouths .        

4. How early can we potty-train him?

baby potty training

Cleaning up after your child has finished their business right on your brand new sofa, is always a dreaded task. So, potty training is something you wish you can achieve as early as possible. However, potty-training can never be done too early as the child forgets what he’s learnt and needs to re-learn it. Between 18-24 months is when the child generally, acquires this skill.      

5. “Oh! Baby!”

baby crawling milestone

When you hear your spouse say this, they are probably referring to the little baby crawling too close to the edge on the dinner table.

6. “Can we pretend he isn’t ours?”

baby troubling parents

This is a question you can’t help but ask yourself when your kid smacks down a stack of oranges in the supermarket or when he cries and doesn’t stop while you’re at a restaurant. Moments like this make you want to hide yourselves from the horrified looks people begin giving you.

7. “Do I cut her nails when she’s asleep? What if she moves? What if she wakes up? THIS IS SO HARD!”

cutting baby nails

Bringing sharp objects near your baby, tends to scare parents off since your baby is so delicate. However, if you go about doing this carefully, you should be fine. Your baby is more likely to hurt herself with sharp nails than you will while cutting it.

8. “I wonder if our baby can sense our sleep and decides to wake up just then…”

baby sleep problems

Again, babies are known to be sleep destructors. Getting a good night’s sleep when you have a newborn is a luxury very, VERY few parents are lucky to have. So, the best advice we can give you is to sleep when your baby sleeps and hope and pray that the bliss is long lasting

9. “There’s something questionable about the melodies of the nursery rhymes, twinkle-twinkle, the ABCs and Ba Ba black sheep.”

baby nursery rhymes

Yes, nursery rhymes control your life now. It tends to become that tune playing in your head, you can’t get out. You soon come to realize most nursery rhymes share the same melody. If you didn’t, dear new-parent, you need to up your ‘rhyme game’. Soon, you’ll find yourself humming the same, everywhere you go.

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