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Dangal was more than just the most awaited movie in recent times but proved to be the most motivating one too. To wrestle your fears to get the gold and lots more where that came from, Dangal is a must watch for women. In the words of Aamir Khan “Gold to Gold hota hai… chhora laave ya chhori”.

1. Never Give Up

never give up

Things may seem hard, in fact, on the road to something worth having, things WILL inevitably be hard. The trick is to keep pushing on and not give up. Little things like having to be awake before the sun comes out or running a couple of miles, won’t kill you. An extra hour at work or chasing your kids all around the place isn’t something to dread, and will only make you stronger, an efficient worker, a better mom.

2. Try and Try Again

keep trying till you make it

Nobody gets it in their first try. I’m sure you have struggled in the past for something that you cherish today. Give it your best and if that doesn’t work, compete with your best and become better. Get the gold, don’t settle for second place. It is, however, okay if you don’t get the gold, right away. Keep trying until you do.

3. Adapt and Invent

darth vader rises

Things need not be done a certain way, every time. It is okay to change things up, it is especially necessary to change things up when the situation calls for it. Face the situation and adapt to the circumstances. Change is the only unchanging thing in this world and it is okay to change your approach every now and again, be it a difficult client, a messy child or an all important assignment.

4. Family Comes First

family comes first

Family. That one word comprises your entire universe as a child and this should not change when you grow up. Moving away from home and getting to know new people should not diminish your parents’ position on your ladder of priorities. Your siblings should be thought of, every now and again and standing up for them as and when they need you comes with the job description.

5. You can do Anything!

leornardo di caprio inspirational quote

You can do just about anything and the only thing standing in your way is you! Open your mind to possibilities and opportunities. There is nothing out of your grasp. Be it NASA or pro Wrestling. It can happen for you. Dream big and the best things in the world will find their way to you.

6. Never Forget Who You Are

health benefits of being grounded

Stay grounded. You may be successful and happy but don’t let that get to your head. There is always room for improvement, a new mountain to climb. Your roots, your soil, they are a part of your being and never discard them as little or unimportant. Whether you come from a traditional family or an unconventional one, take your values with you wherever you go. Values are what makes a person. 

7. No Alternative to Hard Work

no alternative to hard work

Never forget about hard work. It is cliche but there is no shortcut to success. Your sweat, blood and tears go into achieving success and a lot more than that goes into keeping that success. Work hard and work smart but work everyday. Wishing on a star will not make your dream come true but working towards it, will.

This new year, make resolutions to be better. You can do anything the neighbor’s son can, a hundred times better. Do not underestimate the strength a woman encompasses. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. I leave you with these lines of Gold, “Mhaari chhoriyan chhoron se kam hain ke?”. 

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