Who doesn’t love to shop? Sometimes though, we regret our shopping sprees because of all the impulsive buying (not really). If you try hard enough, you can find the element of shopping in everything you do, including parenthood. The effort of taking care of a tiny human is inversely proportional to the size of the human. This means that you get to buy a lot of stuff for your baby! Here are 7 items you will not regret purchasing!!! Absolute must haves for you and your baby

1. Diaper Rash Ointment

johnson's baby diaper rash cream

Image Credits | Johnson’s Baby India

You will find that diaper rash ointment is a saving grace. Adding all the moisture that a diaper accumulates to the sensitive skin of your baby, you’re left with a recipe for rashes and irritation in your baby’s diaper region. Diaper rash ointment saves you both from a lot of pain and loss of sleep. It acts as a barrier in the diaper, preventing the moisture from reaching your baby’s skin. It also soothes and heals the irritated skin. A good diaper rash ointment to try is the JOHNSON’S® baby diaper rash cream. Buy it here

2. Humidifier

allin humidifier for babies

Image Credits | Amazon India

Babies are extremely susceptible to colds and other illnesses. When your baby has a cold, there is very little you can do to make him/her blow her nose. Giving your baby medicine is not always advisable as the chemicals in the medicines harm the body. In this case, a humidifier can prove to be essential for the comfort of your baby. Humidifiers help to ease your baby’s breathing, especially in the case of stuffy noses. Allin Exporters is a recommended brand to purchase. Check it out here

3. Crib/Bassinet


Image Credits | Amazon India

Let’s face it, if you’re a mom you’d understand that if you had it your way, you’d never let go of your baby. Making sure he’s cuddled right next to you every night. But you do need your own space and a practical sleep cycle. A crib or bassinet can solve this problem. You can attach these to your bed and have your baby sleep in your own room without having to share the bed with him/her. You won’t have to get out of bed if your baby needs anything in the middle of the night.

Try Fisher-Price’s collection.. To purchase their products you can go here.

4. Water proof sheets

waterproof mattress sheet

Image Credits | Amazon India

When I say waterproof sheets, I mean mattress protectors. Get plastic or rubber sheets which can go above or below the bed sheets or in the crib. This will reduce a lot of the work that might come out of your baby wetting the bed. Wiping off plastic/rubber sheets and cleaning just the bed sheets is much easier than cleaning out a soiled mattress. Mattress protectors are quite easily found and almost any brand would do. Some brands you can try are Trance Linens and Linenwalas. To purchase this item, you can go here.

5. Bibs

multicolour bibs

Image Credits | Amazon India

BIBS ARE A MUST MUST MUST HAVE. The one thing babies are proficient at is making a mess, especially when it comes to eating or feeding. Buy a lot of bibs and make sure you always have them handy, because you will need them. Quick drying or waterproof bibs would be your safest option. Some popular and good bibs are those sold by Kaboos and Kohars.

6. Furniture anchors

safetynex furniture straps

Image Credits | Amazon India

Baby proofing is very important once your baby reaches an age when he/she start to crawl. Those curious little creatures will go EVERYWHERE which is why it is absolutely essential that you anchor down your furniture to prevent any unnecessary accidents. Make sure that the anchorage you use is sturdy and durable. Try furniture straps made by Safetynex. These are affordable and available for purchase here.

7. Breast-pump/Bottles

pigeon breast pump

Image Credits | Amazon India

These are very important for when your baby is being weaned off breastfeeding. Breastpumps would also come in handy if you are working as you could store your naturally produced milk to make sure your baby gets all the required nutrients till he/she still requires mother’s milk. You could try breastpumps made by Philips Avent, Trumom, or Pigeon, as these have received good reviews by mums who have used them. 

These few items can go a long way in making your experience with your baby easier and smoother, and in ensuring that there are as few hitches as possible, along the way.

Happy shopping!

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