2016 was the year for fantastic little movies for the little ones. Kung Fu Panda 3 became a household name, yet again. Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, Pete’s Dragon and Trolls, lived up to their hype. This was a happy year for kids and grown-ups at the movies, alike.

With recent movies such as Moana that won us over, we anticipate nothing but the best. To our luck, The Lego Batman Movie has delivered! The Lego Movie franchise has raised the bar with The Lego Batman Movie which is a must watch. Funny, clever and downright charming, The Lego Batman is every child’s (And his mummy and daddy’s) dream. Your child will love Batman’s lego look. Besides batman, however, the movie’s got so much more to keep you at the edge of your seat. Bad guys, explosions, and sheer chaos as Batman struggles with holding the weight of the world on his shoulders.

There is little to no questionable content but a budding romance is at the horizon and words like .’butt’, ‘loser’ and ‘sucks’ gets thrown around. The Batman Lego Movie will be a fun filled one and a half hours that you won’t regret. Take your little girl or boy and try not to laugh too hard.

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