spoon massage for wrinkles

Aging is a biological process, which we, unfortunately, can’t avoid. But what we really can do is to postpone the emergence of the signs of aging. Facial massage is something we all invest in to maintain a youthful appearance and prevent blemishes and wrinkles. Some professional procedures are rather expensive and may significantly harm your budget, but it doesn’t mean you should give up on your beauty.

Who would have ever thought that a spoon would come to our rescue!!! Yes, you heard me right, all it takes is a spoon & half an hour of your time. The best part of the spoon massage is that you do it at home whenever you want without using any costly products or equipment. It helps you remove retained liquids, reduce dark bags under the eyes, get rid of toxins, stimulate blood circulation, restore elasticity and firmness of the skin, prevent wrinkles and improve facial structure.

Just put a few spoons in the freezer then use to massage your face. There’s something about the cold that keeps your skin young and firm. The other technique you could try is to carefully remove all the makeup from your face, wash the face thoroughly and put some hydrating cream. The spoons need to be disinfected (use alcohol) and placed in a glass of cold water with ice cubes.

Once the tablespoons are cooled, place them on the upper lids of your eyes. Keep them in the same positions for few seconds. Perform this procedure for five times. When the tablespoon becomes warm switch it with a cold one. Use the same technique for the lower lids. This is a great method to eliminate swelling of eyelids and puffiness in this area. In order to start with the facial spoon massage, you will have to place the spoons in the heated oil and leave them like that for a while. Start the massage by using the spoons on the facial lines.

Spoon massage can be performed at any time of the day, but bedtime hours seem to be the best bet. The results will be visible in just 10-12 days of regular massage. It usually however depends on your skin type, age and daily habits, so you can notice changes in a few days, or it may take you a little longer.

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