Parenting is a big responsibility, they said.

Parenting is really tough, they added.

But what they didn’t tell you is that parenting can make you want to pull your hair out as well.

No matter how adorable the kid, there will be times when only one question will be on your mind – “What sins did I commit to deserve this?”

So, to provide the little bit of consolation that we can, we share 9 instances which prove that parenting is a bigger mess than people will dare to accept.

1. Kid vs Flour

messy kid with flour

Sarah Pineda | The Huffington Post

Everybody knows that the kitchen is one place where it’s really easy to make a mess. Just observe your husband the next time he tries to make anything in the kitchen. Sarah Pinneda,who shared this image with The Huffington Post, said, “My daughter Camila and one of her biggest messes! Flour is now banned from our house.”

2. 3-Year-Olds Vs. Red Lipstick

messy kids with lipstick

Kelly Mulder | The Huffington Post

Mixed emotions. On the one hand you are dealing with the grief of losing that precious lipstick, but at the same time you can’t help but laugh at how cute and funny the kids look. Nevertheless, all those emotions fade in comparison when you realise how long it will take to clean the mess though.

3. Twins Vs. Baby Powder

messy kid with baby powder

Kathryn Moore Sanford | The Huffington Post

We understand why it’s called baby powder and what it is used for. Does the same apply to kids as well? We speculate that this is what goes on in a kid’s head when they see a bottle of baby powder – “If that thing is good enough for my bum, i think it’s good enough for the floor as well”

4. Kid Vs. The Wall

drawings on the wall

Katie Cline Weinberger | The Huffington Post

Now this one is tricky. Be too hard on your kid, and you’re probably killing your child’s innate artistic ability in its infancy. Encourage them, and expect a wall full of abstract art every morning. Whatever you do, you’re the one who loses.

5. Kid Vs. Hershey’s Syrup

messy kid with hershey's syrup

Dottie Frye Jones | The Huffington Post

Now who doesn’t love Hershey’s chocolate syrup? Leave a toddler with a bottle and this is bound to happen. This is what the Mom who shared this picture said, “An entire bottle of Hershey’s syrup all over his room. Somehow he got it on the ceiling as well.”

Now that is one talented kid.

6. Kid Vs. Craft Supplies

messy kid with craft supplies

Sarah Holmes | The Huffington Post

We literally don’t have any words for this one. Sarah Holmes, mother to this free soul, said, “I popped to the loo and in the 30 seconds I was gone, my 3-year-old emptied numerous bags of craft supplies all over the floor and proceeded to roll around in it. Worst thing was that the vacuum wouldn’t pick any of it up (the sequins and tiny bits of shiny paper stuck to the carpet, and the feathers and balls were too big) so I had to pick it all up by hand.”

7. Kid Vs. Shaving Cream

messy kid with shaving foam

Jennifer Sherman | The Huffington Post

What do you do when the kid genuinely believes that they did no wrong? Jennifer, the birthgiver of this terrific individual, said, “Shaving cream from one end of the house to the other. I couldn’t even be mad because when I first saw her she said ‘BOO!'”

8. Kids Vs. Shredded Paper

messy kid and shredded paper

Shannon Shrock | The Huffington Post

Imagine walking into a crime scene like this one. A minute ago, you were almost convinced that the day was going to be good one. And then this happens. Shannon, full time mother and part time cleaner, had to say this about the whole episode, “Where was I when this happened? Cluelessly downstairs enjoying listening to their laughter and squeals. Took four adults two hours to clean up. Of course we had the munchkins help too. Bags and bags of shredded paper all over two rooms and the hallway.”

9. Kid Vs. Desk

just a messy kid

Liesel Vasher | The Huffington Post

Sometimes, you can’t help but marvel at the expertise kids have at making a mess. Liesel, who had just popped into the bathroom for a quick shower, returned to the sight of this.

Well played kid, well played. Always keep ‘em on their toes.

via The Huffington Post

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