why shopping makes you happy

Most often when we come across people who buy things every now and then without having a specific agenda, we tend to label them or call them as shopaholics. But shopping is not about going and picking random things for purchase, it’s a little bit beyond that simple practice of purchasing. Based on the survey which was carried on the behalf of Ebates.com by TNS Global it is proved that shopping does act as retail therapy for many. It showed that half of the American population (64% women) consciously surrendered to the retail therapy to uplift their mood, to relieve stress, and to in the process boosts confidence.

1. Shopping Acts As A Hobby

There are people who are of the opinion that shopping is to buy things which are your basic necessities in order to lead a comfortable life. Shopping like any other activity is hobby for many. Most people buy because they love to buy, it is not that they are in need of those things but still they will buy because shopping like singing, dancing, drawing is a hobby for many. Mostly girls indulge themselves into shopping to please their pleasure principles which in turn makes them happy.

2. Shopping Acts A Stress Reliever

A study said “there seem to be a positive consequences to buying oneself a small treat; one does feel better”. After a long day of sitting at the office desk clicking your brains out, shopping is like the only silver lining left! But even if you don’t buy things often, try once to go into your favorite store and browse through clothes like book lovers in libraries. The smell of new things and the casual happy ambience is an instant mood lifter.

3. Shopping Is Another Way To Say That You Care

Shopping is also a social act besides being personal. When we visit places, we tend to buy things for our near and dear ones as a token of love and as a souvenir. This is a kind of shopping that makes us happy because we are buying things for the people we love. Shopping is not buying and pleasing yourself but also a way of expressing love which in turn pleases you and makes you happy.

4. Shopping Makes Hard Times Easier

Renowned San Francisco therapist Peggy Wane appreciates this therapy, “We all enjoy a little retail therapy now and then, in small manageable doses it can soothe the soul.” It happens many a times that things are not going the way we wanted them to and because of which we are upset. Failures are there to confront us in many ways possible in our day to day busy life. But it is our duty to keep ourselves happy and cheerful amidst all the failures and backlogs. This is where shopping comes to the rescue. Maybe this is not for all because not everyone believes in this, but it is a scientifically proven fact that shopping helps you to feel better at times when everything is going wrong. It acts as a healer, a natural remedy for your wounds inside

5. Shopping Reflects Your Real Self And Boosts Confidence

When you get dressed, it unconsciously reflects your true self, because your wardrobe is the extension of your inner self and one can find bits and pieces of you in there. Shopping hence reflects your own personality and the way you treat yourself to be a happy self.

The reason behind people resorting to retail therapy as a remedy for their everyday stress and mind congestion is revealed above. This clearly echoes a study made earlier on this therapy. “Journal of Psychology and Marketing” also revealed that more than half of the shoppers (62%) had bought something not because they were in need of that thing but have purchased to celebrate, to make another happy or to show care and affectations or just to please herself.

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