Daddies and their princesses, a bond to last a lifetime. The little things they do and the really big things they plan out, fathers and daughters have a secret club no one else is invited into. When a daddy marries his daughter off, emotions run high. The essence of this beautiful relationship is captured marvelously in Tanishq’s new ad. The trying time that is marriage for a father is depicted in a way that will play on your heartstrings.

A father’s unending love for his little girl, the battle he fights to let her go. His daughter’s marriage is his ultimate test.

He is less than eager to hand her over, his envy is brought out. His anxiety to make sure things fall in place and the happiness amidst the heartbreak is what Tanishq touches on, ever so gracefully.

As heartbreaking as it is for the father, so is it a hard time for his daughter dearest. Daddy and daughter dance their pain away in the video, bringing both a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

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