For far too long women have been denied their half, says the new Benetton ad and rightly so. Women are more than just ‘pretty’ and we sure aren’t ‘weak’. Gender stereotypes are the only thing holding women back and the advertisement highlights just this.

The advertisement shows women battling the norms and putting tradition to rest. The unconventional, undaunted women do away with everyone that undermines them. A woman holding a sword at her wedding saying she isn’t the better half and that she isn’t the worst, speaks volumes. There are women police officers and women cab drivers depicted in the video, filling every woman that watches it with a sense of empowerment.

Women are subject to judgment if they’re just a little bit different and that is simply unacceptable. It’s time we take the reins of our lives in our own hands and demand, no, claim our half! Happy Women’s Day!

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