So you are pregnant, you have your book ready, your diet plan in check and are doing whatever you can to muster up the motivation to exercise as well. All the ingredients to be a super mom are in place but you still feel like you are not doing enough?

Here are 7 things all you gorgeous ‘mommies-to-be’ should not feel guilty about:

1. Junk food diaries


While it is important to maintain a healthy diet for you and your unborn baby, sneaking in a treat now and then is not the end of the world. You won’t be deemed a terrible mother if you sneak in a little bit of ice cream after dinner. Learn to enjoy these parts of your pregnancy without any guilt.

2. Being the Grump


The little human growing inside you is technically “sucking the life out of you”. On account of this, it is not strange to find yourself snappier than usual. May it be your partner or the driver ahead of you, it is okay if you get a little agitated at people around you, especially when they don’t understand the effect of doing all the ‘heavy lifting’.

3. Being the Downer


From the moment you get pregnant, fatigue becomes part of your everyday life. Turning food into a human is not an easy task after all! Don’t feel bad about shying away from social events just to get some “me time”. It could be years before you get proper sleep again, so don’t be too shy to demand it now.

4. Humpty Bumpty


Internet, the boon that gave you a million ideas to decorate your baby room, also bring with itself a bunch of insecurities. With the increasing number of maternity photoshoots out there and the “perfect bumps” caught on camera, it is natural to get conscious about your body and your bump. Whether your bump is larger, smaller, more round, or less round, know that there is no “perfect bump”. Every pregnancy is different and every baby bump, just like every child, is unique and beautiful.

5. Information Overload


Every mother-to-be knows what it is like to be given advice from anybody and everybody. To a pregnant woman, unsolicited advice is given out like party favours. Getting annoyed at all these suggestions by people who think of themselves as experts can be irritating and no pregnant woman should feel guilty about feeling that way.

6. Exercise or Extra Fries?


Having a healthy pregnancy is important for the wellbeing of you and your child. If your doctor have permitted you to work out and you still cannot get yourself to do it, don’t sweat it! Women find it hard to find the motivation to physically exert during pregnancy. Push yourself, as long a you try to exercise every now and then, you are good.

7. Hating your Pregnancy

You love your child unconditionally but that  doesn’t mean you have to love every moment of being pregnant with them, too. In fact, loads of women hate being pregnant altogether. Maybe you have unbearable morning sickness, aren’t happy with your changing body, or just fed up of carrying around the extra load. Whatever the reason, you are allowed to dislike pregnancy.

These were the top 7 things that, we think, cause a great deal of unnecessary guilt among would be mothers. If you have something in your mind that makes you feel guilty but shouldn’t, do let us know!


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