Having a bad day? All you need to do is watch this video! So, you know how people have debates on television and how it can be an absolute bore? Well, we have a video for you to put that notion to rest. For anyone who’s never watched BBC for the fear of boredom, we have news for you! This BBC Video is sure to make your day.

So, there is an ongoing debate about North Korea but little does the BBC interviewer know that he’s in for a big surprise. A little girl pops in from the door in the interviewee’s home office and walks in way, we can only call, ‘like a boss’. It is so hilarious the the interviewer stops his inquisition and points it out.

What happens next is nothing short of hysterical. The interviewee’s second born, waddles in on his walker and the scenario goes from funny to downright comical. The highlight of the video, however, is the mom barging in and literally dragging the kids out.

Watch this video and forget about all your worries. Take on the spirit of the girl and go on with the rest of the day, ‘like a boss’.

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