Anxiety, joy, uncertainty, happiness, exhaustion, hope, doubt and anger- all these emotion are a part of the daily roller coaster one signs up for while entering motherhood. Given how delicate the job is, it is reassuring to know that you are not the only one having less than an easy time with it.

So if you too need a little ‘pick-me-up’ to keep you motivated so you can work your way through the next challenge your kid throws at you, here are 7 confessions by real mothers that will make you think “Me too!” and help you feel better.

Read on:

1. Socks and the City

“I went to work with a sock stuck in my pant leg and didn’t realize until my drive home.”

2. He said, he said

“I sometimes pretend I didn’t hear one of my kids saying something bad….because I’m too exhausted to discipline anyone at that moment”

3Sibling Love

“…Whenever my younger daughter throws a tantrum, I just want to scream, “This is why I like your sister more than you!

4. I’d do anything for my kids (But I won’t do that)

“Sometimes I tell my kid he’s allergic to what I am eating because I just want to finish my food by myself.”

5. Sharing the load

“If my husband is home, I sometimes take more time than necessary in the toilet. Just so that he can be alone with the kids too.”

6. Onesies are the new Kleenex

“I once sneezed on my hand at the supermarket and didn’t have a tissue handy – so I just wiped it on the back of my baby’s onesie, because I figured she couldn’t touch that area, and the onesie would be in the wash soon anyway.”

7. Code Brown situation

“I’m a high-level exec at work, yet at home, I just took a poop with a 2-year-old straddling my lap. TOOK. A. POOP. WITH. A. TWO. YEAR. OLD. STRADDLING. MY. LAP.  “

Hope these stories of real life struggles of mothers brought a smile to your face and made you realise you are not in this alone. Being a mother is a beautiful, but tough, job and we want you to know that you are doing the best you can!

Do you have any “real mom confessions” to share? Do let us know! 

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