Feeding a baby for the first time is an exciting experience for any new parent but it could also be intimidating especially when you have no clue what to expect. The art of burping is a joy ride with an extra bunch of laundry. When babies burp they are releasing the air in their stomach. This makes them comfortable, less fussy and able to feed longer.

1. Hold your baby against your chest


Hold your baby such that her chin rests on your shoulder. You may take a look into the mirror to know if your position/head placement is right. Support her with one hand, gently pat or rub her hand with the other. Sitting on a rocking chair and gently rubbing your baby’s back should help.

2. Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you


Use one hand to support the baby, the palm supporting the chest and the finger gently support baby’s chin and jaw. (Be careful to hold your baby’s chin not throat) use the other hand to pat your baby’s back gently.

3. Make your baby face down on your legs


Make her lie across your knees perpendicular to your body. Support her chin and jaw with one hand. Gently pat your baby’s back. Make sure your baby’s head is leveled above her body so that blood doesn’t rush to her head. Pat or rub her back with the other hand. 

If your baby seems restless while feeding, stop feeding, burp your baby and continue. Try burping your baby every time you switch breasts or every 5 minutes. If your baby doesn’t burp then shift the position and try burping again before feeding. Don’t forget to burp your baby when feeding time is over. As your baby gets older, do not worry when your child doesn’t burp, it could simply mean your baby has learnt not to swallow excess air.

Every baby is different so follow your baby’s cues to know the most comfortable and effective way for your baby to burp. Being a new parent it’s okay to experiment various burping positions. It’s easy to understand your baby’s needs from the type of cries they make. Trust your instincts.

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