Why is it hard to deal with the sadness that comes after something merry? Getting married is a beautiful feeling, but one cannot neglect the pain of leaving their home, family and most importantly their moms! And most women would also agree, we come to know about our love for our moms, only when we get married.

Here are all the times, when you miss your mom so much after the wedding:

1. From constant nagging to no nagging

When it comes to nagging, moms have always played their part and no wonder, this habit of nagging soon becomes your favorite source of entertainment too. But when this constant nagging turns to no nagging, only then you know, how bad you miss your mom. Don’t you wish to get yelled at again for using your phone or coming late to home.

2. Who’ll treat you now?

You cannot just forget about all that delicious food, your mom has always made for you. No matter the occasion, you named a dish, she made sure to make it appear in front of you. How delicious! But now, thinking about the same food, which you have been having all your life, will only make you miss your mom more. Way to go and prepare your own dishes now!

3. Late night gossiping is missing

Yes, we all have a bunch of friends we gossip. But when it comes to talking—you know you can talk about anything to everything with your mom. She is the only one, who knows every little detail about you and can sense whatever goes on in your mind. Now that she is far from you, you realize how good of a gossip partner she was. Oh, we know you miss her now.

4. Hugs and kisses

Sometimes you are bold, and sometimes, well you’re not! Such times call for a warm hug and a comforting kiss—which you tend to get from your loving mothers. You’re still her baby and she will listen to you—no matter how annoying you would sound anyway. Ain’t you missing her now?

5. Your very own doctor

You are sick, but your doctor mommy is not with you. She has always been there when you were ill. Back then, she’s the one who took care of you till you fell asleep, but this moment you’re alone and well, you miss her!

6. You cannot live like a gangsta’ now

Sad really, when you used to live with your mom, you were the gangster of the house. You could say anything, wear anything or talk in whichever way you pleased—she’s never judged you. But now, you are not that comfortable like you used to be with your mom.

7. Those instant shopping or movie plans….?

After getting married, you have gotten new responsibilities, a very new family and of course, a new lifestyle. Everything is new, but you still miss those shopping sprees and movie dates, you used to have with your mother. Back then, when plans could have been made instantly, now this seems difficult.

8. Wake up on your own

All you have now is a boring alarm clock to wake you up, when before you used to get a wake-up call from your mommy. You cannot say- ‘let me sleep more’ to your mother anymore.

9. Major tea missing

Oh, you know how much you miss your mother now when you sip your cup of tea with your new family. Those talking sessions and bonding time is being missed majorly now. The tea doesn’t taste the same anymore.

10. Are you sure about that dress?

What to wear and what to avoid—you need a genuine opinion, but whom should you ask? You cannot just walk up to your mom and ask about her view, because you know she is not around.

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