What do you think is the most important part of your entire look? The shimmering scarf? That lovely hat? Those hot see through tops? Or your favourite lacey dresses? Well, no! It’s your innerwear!

1. The right size of bra

Did you know that nearly 64% of women wear bras of wrong size? It might not seem serious and significant. What if I told you that wearing a wrong size bra can make your breasts scarred and even sagged? Not just this, wearing too tight bras can hurt your muscles and lead to pain and stress in the back, breasts, shoulder and neck. Additionally, wrong sized innerwear can also be an obstacle to maintaining correct posture and keeping you comfortable. So be careful about the size of innerwear you pick.

2. Overwhelming love for thongs

Thongs are indeed lovely and the best go to option for those special nights and perhaps days as well! They also come handy when a dress is figure hugging and you do not want to risk showing your panty-lines. But, wearing thongs too much and for long intervals can cause a lot of issues. They create friction around your delicate genitals and might also put you to risk of infections. This risk can highly alleviate if you are pregnant, prone to infections or going to spend a big deal of time in a public place. So beware!

3. Let go of your bras

We all have some bras that are too close to our hearts, literally and figuratively. They have been our best friends in times good and bad. But as is necessary, we cannot hold on to a lot of things for too long. Same goes with bras. On an average, a bra should be replaced every six-eight months. This is because after that period, their band stretches out and cannot support you and your boobs anymore.

4. Keeping underwear happy

It is essential to keep underwear happy so you can remain happy as well. Always store your underwear away from other clothing items. If you are placing them in a drawer, remember to cover the surface with a fabric or a clean sheet of paper. Do not wash them in hot water and do not be harsh with them. Also, do not bleach your little beauties and dry them in shade.

5. No more friends after workout

Make it a point to change your underwear as soon you are done with a workout session; even better if you change into clean underwear after taking a shower or bath. The sweat and discharge during workout might lead to a variety of infections if you keep on wearing that particular underwear for too long.

6. The best fabric

Silk, satin and laces look very appealing and alluring in underwear. But cotton is the best fabric to be made into underwear. It helps your skin breathe and does not let germs and infections grow on the surface of your skin.

7. Good underwear, bad underwear.

Every underwear which is clean, dry, fresh and perfect-fitting is good underwear. While every underwear which smells, has stretched out was not dried properly is bad underwear. You should always make sure to wear a good underwear and stay away from a bad one to keep your privates healthy and happy.

8. Ditch it!

And do not forget to go commando occasionally. All you need to keep in mind is that you are not wearing too tight or too rough clothes on the outside while taking this step. Nights are the best times to go commando, though, just saying!

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