Two Indian girls in Australia have opened a spa for, wait for it, little babies! They take in cuties aged 6 days to 6 months and are doing a killer job of it! Little babies are pampered with hydrotherapy, massages and so much more.


After a long hard day of crying, pooping, and eating, we bet the little ones need to let down their hair. The spa ticks all the boxes for little ones and their parents. Safety, however, is their first priority and they do this with Bubbly! What’s Bubbly? Only their donut-shaped supporter for babies in water, it looks just as cute as it sounds!


The munchkins look blissful, floating around, unwinding from the stresses of babyhood. Kudos to Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar for bringing the baby spa to Australia. Look at these pictures of tiny tots having the time of their lives, quite simply put, it’s cuteness overload!


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